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The Best Breakfast Foods for Health

Why do you have breakfast in the morning?

In the morning, the level of the hormone – cortisol has a maximum daily value, and the level of glycogen is minimal. Cortisol regulates carbohydrate metabolism and lowers glucose uptake. Glycogen forms a reserve of energy that, if necessary, quickly compensates for the lack of glucose. As a result, the lack of glycogen can cause fatigue, drowsiness.

To give us a charge of vitality and strength for the whole day, breakfast should be balanced, contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The correct ratio of nutrients must be chosen on the basis of plans and goals for the day. In people with heavy physical exertion, proteins should prevail in a healthy breakfast, especially those that are engaged in mental activity. Fats, respectively, should be included but in a small share.Healthy Breakfast

What foods are suitable for breakfast?

  • Lean meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish.
  • Porridges, macaroni and wholemeal bread, vegetables, greens.
  • Nuts, sour cream, olive, jinjily or linseed oil.

What products are better not to eat in the morning?

Sweets, due to the content of a large sugar level, provoke sudden jumps of insulin in the blood. Breakfast cereals contain a lot of simple carbohydrates, they quickly fill up, but the feeling of hunger returns just as quickly. Sausages mainly consisting of processed meat, which significantly loses its nutritional properties, salt and flavors irritate the stomach walls and lead to digestive problems.

How to get to the right breakfast?

  • After waking up, first, drink a glass of water to start the metabolic processes in the body. It is good if the water will contain magnesium. Since this microelement is involved in many physiological bioprocesses, it promotes the absorption of nutrient nutrients, improves metabolism.
  • Do not drink milk on an empty stomach, since it increases acidity in the stomach leading to heartburn.
  • Try not to replace the breakfast snacks fast food because it contains a lot of preservatives, refined fats and artificial flavorings. Such food delivers significant damage to our liver. In addition, high-calorie foods can cause drowsiness.
  • Add simple carbohydrates to the main breakfast. Fruits, dried fruits and honey will quickly give you energy and vigor.
  • Chocolate paste replaces peanut containing a lot of protein and fatty acids.
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What about those who cannot eat breakfast at all?

Doctors say that it is better not to torture yourself. What is more important is not the number of meals and time, but the total amount of nutrients and calories eaten. Comfortable well-being and good mood are much more important for your health than the “right” expert advice.

What should be the formula for a healthy breakfast?

  • Complex carbohydrates – long saturate.
  • Simple carbohydrates – a source of fast energy charge.
  • Proteins are the material for building cells.
  • Fats – the basis of metabolism in our body. Do not forget that nutrients must be correct.

We exclude refined oils, sausages, instant cereals, sweets, cakes.

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