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The Best Breakfast Foods for Health

Why do you have breakfast in the morning? In the morning, the level of the hormone – cortisol has a maximum daily value, and the level of glycogen is minimal. Cortisol regulates carbohydrate metabolism and lowers glucose uptake. Glycogen forms a reserve of energy that, if necessary, quickly compensates for the lack of glucose. As a result, the lack of glycogen can cause fatigue, drowsiness. To give us a charge…

Can Cycling Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the worst fear of every man. Unfortunately, it is quite common in our time. Nearly 18 million Americans are struggling with erectile dysfunction in one form or another. There are many factors contributing to the development of this disease: poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress. In this article, we will talk only about one cause of ED. This is cycling. Why is cycling associated with the…